Monday, February 8, 2010

Great OT Appointment Today!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Emma had a great OT appointment today. This was the first appointment with Miss Sally since November. We are very excited that she will be working with Emma every other week. Miss Emma sure was a show off today. She was up on all fours with minimal support!!! We don't know if she will be much of a crawler but this is still great! She is doing so well at standing that we all think she is going to jump right to walking. She played with some new toys.... and played with them the right way! We were impressed at how she was opening and closing the buttons on one of the toys. She worked with markers and paper for the first time! Of course Emma wanted the marker in her mouth but it is something we will be working on. She also got to play with a Magna Doodle... I am going out to get her one of her own this week! Emma is doing so great and we know that she will surprise us all.


  1. Great job Emma! Love, Hayden! Hope we get to play together sometime soon!