Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Diet

Ok... we are starting week 2 of the GGCF diet. So far so good. Emma has been a little cranky, but I would be too if I had gone without real bread and cheese for a week. I am so glad the girl is not picky when it comes to food! She is munching on a bake potato as I am typing this. (Thank goodness she can have her starches!) She is making that "uummmmm" sound she makes when she is really enjoying her meal! Aunt Lynn brought us a great cookbook and I have planned a couple of meals for the week. (We won't tell Brian what is in them)
We have an EEG scheduled for tomorrow morning. We have to keep Emma up late tonight and wake her early tomorrow. This should be an experience! I don't know how she is going to handle having things stuck all over her head. This is the baby that squirms and giggles when the doctor is measuring her head. I will be sure to bring my camera. Wish us lots of luck with that!

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  1. she will do great! Avery didnt mind getting them on, it was taking them off that sucked! we have to schedule an overnight eeg-that should really be interesting! good luck :)